Hyundai Wants to Send You to the College Football Bowl Game of Your Choice

The people at Hyundai are familiar with the meaning of loyalty, dedication, and being passionate about a particular brand. With that said, the folks at Murdock Hyundai of Murray were not surprised to hear Hyundai is sponsoring a new sweepstakes for college football. College football fans are, perhaps, the most passionate fans of all!

Hyundai has recently partnered with the sports broadcasting network, SB Nation, to help promote their new sweepstakes. Named "Fanthropology", this content will send college football fans to the game of their dreams. Are you interested?

While many contests and sweepstakes require a lot of luck to win, "Fanthropology" has been set up a little differently. In order to win the big prize you need to tell Hyundai why you are the biggest college football fan! The SN Nation panel will review each of the contestant's submission to determine who the most dedicated fan in the country is. The winter will receive two tickets to the college bowl game of their choice. Along with two tickets, you will also receive two airline tickets and hotel accommodation!

The  team site for the Tennessee Volunteers, puts it, "Hyundai wants to reward you -- an SB Nation reader -- for reading and for sticking with your favorite team through the good times and the bad."1

Murdock Hyundai of Murray is here to make sure you get your submission in today! After your submission, come back to our website, and check out the entire he new Hyundai lineup.

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