Tips From Murdock Hyundai of Murray for Bringing Your Furry Friend on Your Summer Road Trip

If you're considering bringing your four-legged friend along on a road trip this summer, then we here at Murdock Hyundai of Murray have a few tips that may make the experience more enjoyable them and yourself. Feel free to look them over; then contact us today, should you be in need of a reliable used car to transport them in style.

-          Restrain your pet properly: whether through a carrier or seatbelt harness, it's the single most important thing you can do for their safety and yours
-          Don't let them stick their head out the window: allowing them to puts them at risk of hitting flying objects and greatly increases the chances of them damaging their inner ears or contracting a lung infection
-          Take them on smaller trips to familiarize them with the sound of the car: engines are loud and unfamiliar to many animals, and they can make them feel uncomfortable
-          Ask your vet about medications: some animals simply can't get used to the sound of an engine at work, and suffer from anxiety because of it; but there are many medications that can put them at ease for the duration of a trip
-          Don't feed your pet right before it's time to leave: rather, give them a smaller meal further in advance of departure, and never feed them once in the car
-          Pack odor/stain removing cleaner in the trunk: this is self explanatory
-          Take small breaks along the way: pets need to stretch too, and especially those that are crated
-          Plan any overnight hotel stays in advance: many hotels are actually quite accommodating to pets if you ask ahead of time

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