Best Used Hyundai by Class

There are a number of benefits for consumers who decide to buy a new car over a used car but only if you don't get stuck with a lemon. The money saved on the initial cost of a used car won't be worth it if you're constantly spending money on repairs. To help the cost-conscious steer clear of the duds, these Hyundais are a safe bet for those looking for a reliable used car. 

Midsize SUV - Hyundai Santa Fe
The second generation Santa Fe was introduced for the 2007 model year and is an excellent choice for Salt Lake City consumers looking for an SUV. For 2007 - 2009, consumers could choose to have the Santa Fe equipped with a third-row seat which increased passenger capacity from five to seven. The Santa Fe's excellent crash test scores and rock solid reliability make it an ideal option in the SUV segment.

Compact Sedan - Hyundai Elantra
The 2007 - 2010 used Hyundai Elantra represents the fourth generation and is an ideal choice for the everyday driver. The fourth generation model impressed consumers with its luxurious interior, which includes standard leather upholstery, paired with its affordable price tag. The Elantra also received improved handling, a better ride quality and better fuel efficiency for its 2007 debut. All blended with the car's solid build quality and long track record of reliability, the Elantra is sure to go the distance. 

Large Sedan - Hyundai Azera
The first generation Hyundai Azera was produced from 2006 - 2011 and was immediately recognized as one of the most upscale cars for its price. The Azera's slew of standard and available features were rare amenities in its class and included iPod connectivity, a navigation system, leather upholstery and a premium sound system. The Azera's impressive credentials paired with Hyundai-standard dependability make it an ideal option for the cost-conscious used car buyer. 
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