Hyundai Makes Up for Mileage Mistake

Consumers in the Murray area and beyond rely on their favorite automotive brands to deliver accurate information and details surrounding the vehicles they produce. But what happens when an automaker makes a mistake? Can the company still be trusted? In the case of Hyundai, Murdock Hyundai of Murray believes so.

In case you couldn't guess, we're talking about Hyundai Motor Co.'s recent announcement that they, quite frankly, made a mistake. It came to the brand's attention that over the past few years, a portion of new Hyundai vehicles sold in North America have been inaccurately marked in terms of fuel economy.

The big questions on many loyal Hyundai consumers' minds right now: how did this happen and what is Hyundai prepared to do about it? Well, fortunately for brand fans, the automaker is entirely dedicated to correcting the mistake and ensuring that those affected are reimbursed.

As for the reason behind the slip up, Sung Hwan Cho, a Hyundai official, explains that the error occurred during EPA testing. To make a long story short, the company overlooked certain variables that have the potential to alter fuel economy test results. Throughout the highly-complex EPA testing, something called "road load" (how the car cuts through the air, tire resistance, etc.) affects how an auto will perform. In turn, Cho explains, "There are hundreds of different parameters that can affect this road load."1

Somewhere along the way, Hyundai went askew of the EPA guidance in place to minimize this complex variable. Of course, reimbursement and mileage corrections are already well under way. Hyundai has promised to provide fiscal compensation to nearly 900,000 consumers for its faux pas and is working on putting forth new, accurate fuel economy numbers.

As we mentioned before, we are glad to see that Hyundai is owning up to its mistake and doing everything possible to rectify the situation. To learn more about any aspect of Hyundai vehicles, feel free to stop by our Murray location anytime.

Source: 1|head

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