Can't Find Your Car Keys? Unlock and Start Your Hyundai with Your Smartphone

With an incredibly high adoption of Smartphones, automakers around the world are trying to figure out the best way to integrate them with their lineups. Hyundai has recently announced their newest technology, and the people at Murdock Hyundai are very excited. By using an NFC tag in a i30 overseas (known as the Elantra GT here in the U.S), Hyundai is trying to prove that a Smartphone could actually replace your keys someday.

Although this new technology has not been installed in the current new Hyundai lineup, it is only a matter of time! This is what we know about the Hyundai Connectivity Concept:

The NFC tag in the Hyundai i30 is located near the driver-side door handle. To unlock the door, you simply need to wave your phone in front of the tag's location. What about starting the vehicle? All you need to do is place your Smartphone in the center console! If you are planning on making a call on the road, don't worry. All of your phone's contacts and apps are transferred to an in-dash display using Car Connectivity Consortium's MirrorLink system. This allows you to make calls without taking your hands off the wheel!

Early reports have suggested that the Connectivity Concept technology could become a reality by 2015. If you cannot wait to 2015 before purchasing a new car, head over to Murdock Hyundai today.  Our Hyundai dealership stocks a huge inventory of new and  used Hyundai cars. We are located at 4646 S. State Street in Murray, Utah and we hope to see you soon!

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