Hyundai Renews Partnership with Rhys Millen

Are any of you out there in the Murray area checkered flag fans? There certainly are a lot of racing fanatics here at Murdock Hyundai, and so recent news from Hyundai regarding its re-entry into the motorsports program in North America has us pretty revved up. The formidable South Korean automaker announced that it will  once more join with Rhys Millen Racing to develop two innovative vehicles backed by Hyundai parts ahead of the 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

The engineering that will be shown off in the partnership between the two is sure to impress speed demons and everyday fans of the new Hyundai lineup alike. The venerable brand will bring two autos to the contest, and hopes to continue past trends of success, like the setting of a world record with the Hyundai Genesis Coupe last year.

"Last year's all-time world record, set by Millen in the production-based Genesis Coupe, was a defining milestone in Hyundai's quest to build thrilling and durable rear-drive performance vehicles that are as capable on the road as they are in the rigors of competitive motorsports,"1 says Vice President of Hyundai marketing Steve Shannon.

Looking forward, we'll have a watchful eye on any developments with this story, so be sure to check back to our blog for more information.

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